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About Me

Tim Ellis hails from the bucolic landscapes of rural Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where his affinity for art and craftsmanship blossomed amidst the backdrop of farmlands and Amish culture. From an early age, Ellis demonstrated a fervent inclination towards creative endeavors, sketching and constructing with an innate curiosity that laid the groundwork for his journey as an artist.
Under the mentorship of a master potter during his formative years in high school, Ellis honed his skills across a spectrum of artistic disciplines, excelling both in two-dimensional and three-dimensional realms. This proficiency paved his path to Alfred University in New York, renowned for its distinguished ceramic art program. At Alfred, Ellis distinguished himself as a standout student, earning the prestigious title of Art Student of the Year for consecutive years and graduating with honors.
Throughout his academic pursuits, Ellis explored the realm of large-scale figure sculpture, experimenting with mediums such as clay, plaster, steel, and bronze. However, a transformative period ensued in 2012 when a series of eye surgeries altered his perception, leaving him with clouded and distorted vision in his right eye. This pivotal experience ignited an introspective exploration into the themes of perception and distortion, which became central motifs in his subsequent artistic endeavors.
Transitioning from sculpture to painting in the wake of his visual impairment, Ellis embraced a bold and spontaneous approach to his work, imbuing each stroke with a sense of urgency and vitality. His artistic process became a symbiotic journey, a quest for the essence of his subjects that transcends mere representation, delving into the depths of their inner worlds.
Drawing inspiration from his eclectic background and the rich tapestry of human experience, Ellis embarked on two distinct painting series: the Artist Series and the Jazz Series. In the Artist Series, he pays homage to luminaries of the art world, from Salvador Dali to Frida Kahlo, capturing not just their physical likeness but also the essence of their creative personas. Meanwhile, the Jazz Series celebrates the pioneers of jazz music, immortalizing their contributions through vibrant and dynamic compositions that blur the boundaries between abstraction and representation.
Since relocating to the vibrant artistic hub of Los Angeles in the 1990s, Ellis has continued to evolve and innovate, showcasing his work in prestigious exhibitions and galleries; his work in collected both domestically and internationally. Now represented by Bird Dog Arts in California, he remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of his craft, exploring new avenues of expression, and inviting viewers into the kaleidoscopic world of his imagination.

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